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Gum Disease Treatment and Periodontal Therapy

Advanced Gum Care

Maintaining the Health of Your Body and Your Smile

Without your gums to hold your teeth in place, your smile would be nonexistent. Healthy gums are the first step to complete oral health.

Gum disease, sometimes called periodontal disease, is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, and the bacteria that cause this dental disease have been linked to serious health problems such as heart problems, poor circulation leading to diabetic concerns, strokes, premature and low birth weight babies and even cancer. When we treat gum disease, our concern is for your overall health, not just your teeth.

One of the first steps in cleaning and healing your gums is to remove the bacterial buildup. We might feel that it is necessary to prescribe a course of oral antibiotics to further combat the infection and/or make a referral to a periodontist. Once the source of periodontal infection has been removed, your gums will begin to heal, and tighten around your teeth.

In short, this gum disease is treatable, even at an advanced stage, to help you keep your teeth and improve your health.


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