What Can Dental Veneers Do For Your Smile?

It’s easy to see why so many of our patients at Dental Designs of Owensboro love porcelain veneers. Veneers can be used to address many flaws, and deliver brilliant results. Porcelain Veneers Give Your Teeth a Makeover Veneers are thin shells made from durable, translucent porcelain or composite resin. They are custom-made for each patient

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Dental Designs of Owensboro Teeth Whitening News

Tooth whitening treatments have advanced significantly. The team at Dental Designs of Owensboro is trained on the latest, safest and most effective products and systems. If you need up-to-date information on teeth whitening, schedule a consultation by calling 270-683-0620. At Dental Designs of Owensboro in Owensboro, we are excited about the new light tooth whitening

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What Is A Canted Midline?

We at Dental Designs of Owensboro consider many factors when designing a smile for any smile makeover patient. One of the smile design elements involved is the facial midline. The facial midline can be determined by drawing an imaginary line from the center of the eyebrows to the center of the two peaks in the

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Remake Your Smile With Bonding And Shaping

When you think about getting into shape, your teeth are probably not the first body parts that come to mind. But at Dental Designs of Owensboro, we can provide a smile redesign with bonding and enamel shaping, and you won’t even have to join a gym! Bonding is a great way to improve the appearance

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Beautiful Teeth Without Breaking The Bank

At Dental Designs of Owensboro, our cosmetic dental smile makeover patients believe that life-changing cosmetic dentistry is a beneficial investment. Indeed, for most people, the value of a healthy, attractive smile cannot be measured in dollars. We recognize, however, that cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. Do you have to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade

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What If My Child Loses Their Baby Teeth Too Early?

Primary teeth are important. Children need them to speak, and of course to eat. Those first teeth also preserve space for the permanent teeth to come in and take their place. That’s why we pay such close attention to them, at Dental Designs of Owensboro. Artifical Space Maintainers Keep Teeth From Shifting Most pre-teens begin

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Take 5: Straight Talk About Braces

The dental health of our patients is always our top priority at Dental Designs of Owensboro, which is one reason why we are big advocates of straight, healthy teeth. People who are facing braces may think it’s just about straightening their teeth. But perhaps more important is that, by changing teeth alignment, we are creating

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Orthodontia Creates Confident Smiles

Professionals who are happy with the face they present in business situations have more confidence. Confident people, in turn, are more likely to be successful in their business and personal relationships. Simply put; if you feel better, you’ll probably do better! We have a wide variety of tools here at Dental Designs of Owensboro to

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Inlays/Onlays: Less Invasive Than Complete Crowns

Restorative dentistry has come a long way over the years and there are now several effective ways to repair decayed teeth. In this post from Dental Designs of Owensboro, we are going to concentrate on two similar types of restorations: dental inlays and onlays. Where possible, an inlay or an onlay can be a less-invasive

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Soft, Medium, Or Buzz Lightyear?

At Dental Designs of Owensboro patients sometimes ask us how they should go about choosing a toothbrush. Picking this most basic dental health tool can be as hard as choosing a paint color, and there seems to be just as many choices. The most important consideration for a toothbrush is soft bristles. We recommend them

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