Tooth & Gum Contouring

Modern Dental Technology in Owensboro

Dental Laser Treatment Results in Beautiful Smiles for Owensboro PatientsOne of the finest offerings in dental technology is the dental laser. This amazing dental technology is truly a game changer in dentistry in the Owensboro and Philpot area.

Laser dentistry has given our family dentists in Owensboro the opportunity to be able to be far less invasive for some of the most intricate procedures.

Examples of Laser Dentistry Uses

  • Gum Disease Treatment | Here is where a dental laser can shine! In years past, to remedy gum disease, highly invasive gum surgery was required. Now, a dental laser can eliminate infection in the tissue.
  • Biopsy or Lesion Removal | A dental laser can be used to remove a small piece of soft tissue to have it tested for cancer at our facility in Philpot. Using laser dentistry is far less invasive than traditional methods. A dental laser can also be used to treat canker sores.
  • Teeth Whitening | Laser dentistry is an amazing teeth whitener! Yes, a dental laser is part of the Zoom! teeth whitening procedure. You will be amazed at how white your teeth can be, thanks to laser dentistry.

Gentle Tooth and Gumline Contouring

family dentistry OwensboroDo your teeth seem too short? Or your smile too “gummy?” Your teeth may actually be the proper length, but they’re covered with too much gum tissue. This minor problem of gum overgrowth can be easily and comfortably resolved with the use of a soft tissue laser and laser gum recontouring.

First, an anesthetic gel will be placed on your gums for total comfort, and then the tissue is sculpted with the laser. The laser seals the tissue as it goes, promoting quick healing. Gum contouring returns your teeth to the appropriate proportions and your gums to an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Tooth contouring can artfully and conservatively make your teeth more even. Using tooth contouring we can quickly and painlessly improve your appearance and create a more harmonious smile by reshaping chipped or misaligned tooth edges.

Contact Us Today!

We are confident that our laser dentistry options here at Dental Designs of Owensboro near Whitesville and Philpot is one of the finest offerings we have. There are many advantages to dental laser treatment that we would love to share with you if you have questions or would like more information about it. Laser dentistry can make your dental procedures safer, quicker, and much less painful. We like the sound of that and we think you will, too!


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