What sleep apnea treatment options benefit Owensboro area residents?

Many Americans are becoming aware of sleeping disorders that can greatly affect their quality of life. A very common disorder that is receiving more attention over the years is that of sleep apnea. This condition causes a patient to stop breathing hundreds of times throughout the night. This results in the inability to achieve a restful, restorative sleep, leaving patients drowsy during the daytime hours. Patients may also be putting themselves at risk for a myriad of health and medical concerns including an increased risk for strokes and heart attacks. By seeking an effective sleep apnea treatment, Owensboro area patients can live a better, more fulfilled life.

Sleep apnea treatments vary, depending on the type of sleep apnea. Most patients are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. This results when the tongue or throat muscles relax and cause a blockage in the airway. Patients are then unable to breathe for a period of time, and awaken. This cycle can repeat hundreds of times in just one night, causing patients to fail to get the rest they need to feel awake and fully functioning the following day.

To address this, many physicians suggest CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines to maintain open airways during the night. This device is worn over the nose, or nose and mouth, and many patients find it uncomfortable. This reduces compliance and use, and leaves the patient vulnerable to the many side effects of sleep apnea.

Instead, Drs. Thompson and Frey of Thompson and Frey Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Owensboro suggest the use of oral appliance therapy. Dentists fabricate a custom oral appliance that is worn in the mouth during the night to hold the tongue down and realign the jaw to open the airway. This results in a good night’s sleep. Patients find these comfortable and are more compliant with this sleep apnea treatment.

Owensboro area patients who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and who are considering alternative methods to the use of a CPAP machine are encouraged to contact Thompson and Frey Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to learn about the benefits of oral appliance therapy as a safe, comfortable, and effective sleep apnea treatment.


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