What are some common wisdom tooth problems experienced by Owensboro, KY area patients?

It is common for patients to have a wisdom tooth problems. These teeth, which are also known as the third molars, are well known for becoming problematic within patient smiles. Many patients have their wisdom teeth extracted when they are adolescents, while others experience issues later and have them removed as adults. Patients in the Owensboro, KY area who are experiencing problems with their wisdom teeth may be guided to have them extracted.

Several problems can occur with wisdom teeth. Many patients begin to experience pain and discomfort, which may indicate impaction. When teeth become impacted, they are unable to emerge from the gum line and erupt through. This can be a big problem, and requires extraction to restore the patient’s oral health.

Another common problem is overcrowding. Patients who have undergone orthodontic work may voluntarily have their wisdom teeth removed to keep them from erupting and causing further misalignment to the smile. This is done to avoid more teeth within the mouth.

Infection is another reason wisdom teeth may be extracted. Infection can carry through to the rest of the body, so when it occurs, it must be handled as soon as possible. The dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to help ease the infection before the wisdom tooth is removed.

Alternatively, wisdom teeth that do erupt can pose a risk to a patient’s oral health. This is because the teeth are so far back in the mouth that they can be difficult to clean properly with brushing and flossing. This poses a problem as it can increase one’s risk for developing periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Patients who reside in the Owensboro, KY area who are interested in learning more about when wisdom teeth should be extracted should visit the team at Thompson and Frey Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to schedule a full evaluation with x-rays. This can help the dental team determine if a patient should consider surgical intervention and address their third molars to assist in maintaining their health and wellbeing. Contact us today to visit our state-of-the-art dental practice and find out how we can help you and your family with all dental health needs!


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