Owensboro dentist specializes in ZOOM! teeth whitening

For professional teeth whitening, patients at Dental Designs of Owensboro have the option of an at-home method using whitening gels and trays or an innovative in-office light-activated treatment called ZOOM!

For patients needing expediency and convenience coupled with premium, long-lasting whiteness, ZOOM! teeth whitening is their preferred method.

What is ZOOM!?

ZOOM! Is a light-activated gel that uses a specially formulated version of hydrogen peroxide that reacts to the ZOOM! light to penetrate through the teeth to actually remove deep-etched, unsightly discoloration. The light activates the hydrogen peroxide and helps unleash oxygen, which combines to bleach away stains and yellowing.

Patients require only one session of ZOOM! treatment to see results, as opposed to multiple days or even months of treatment with other whitening trays and strips. Your teeth will instantly be up to eight shades whiter after one ZOOM! session. This is an amazing level of brightness cannot be realized with commercial whitening procedures currently on the market.

What happens during a ZOOM! treatment?

The entire procedure takes about one hour. A prep cleaner is applied to teeth to reduce sensitivity and clean any residue from the teeth. The treatment area is isolated and any exposed facial skin or mouth tissue covered then your teeth are coated with the bleaching gel. The ZOOM! light aid is activated. After the treatment, a five-minute fluoride is applied as well as a desensitizing agent.

How long does ZOOM! last?

The same factors that led to the initial discoloration of your smile can cause new stains. To ensure that your smile remains bright, periodic touch-up is required with at-home treatment gel.

What else should I know about ZOOM!?

  • ZOOM! is not advised for those under age 13 or pregnant or lactating women
  • Avoid drinking or eating immediately after procedure for few hours
  • Existing crowns, or fillings will not respond to the whitening agent
  • You may not be a good candidate if you have gum disease, hypersensitivity, or tooth decay

To find out more about ZOOM!, call Dental Designs of Owensboro at 270-238-0355 and schedule an appointment.


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