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Treatment Options

Technology and Techniques

It Means No More Pain!

Dr. Wes Booker has studied advanced techniques to help his TMJ patients find long-lasting relief from TMJ syndrome without the masking effects of pain killers and offers a variety of non-invasive treatments for any TMJ disease. Dr. Booker will determine the optimal position of the jaw by measuring the relaxed position of the head and neck muscles, and then repositioning the jaw to achieve those exact measurements.

One of the options we offer is the NTI Tension Suppression System. The NTI is a custom made device fitted to your front teeth to prevent headaches and migraines by reducing nighttime teeth clenching. You will wear it for about two weeks until the muscles have relaxed into their natural position. The NTI is a drug-free alternative to reducing headache pain and migraine-related episodes. This safe and effective device is simple to use, requires no surgery and has no side effects.


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