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Breath Care

Don't Let Halitosis Stand in Your Way

Find Freshness with Owensboro Breath Treatments

Don’t let bad breath put a damper on your social life!

If you thought your bad breath was just a problem for your confidence, think again. Halitosis is often caused by the bacteria of periodontal infections or gum disease. In fact, periodontal disease is the second most common source of halitosis and the odor is so distinctive, that many dentists can diagnose gum disease from the smell alone! These odor causing bacteria build up under your gum line, coat your tongue, and increase the volatile sulfur compounds that make bad breath worse.

If you are not suffering from gum disease and still worry about persistent mouth odors we can help you too. The rough surface of your tongue can trap food and bacteria and these substances also generate volatile sulfur compounds, the primary cause of bad breath. Our products and treatments are clinically proven to eradicate smelly breath, not cover it up.


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