Dental Health

Quirky Dental Facts That May Surprise You

In today’s Dental Designs of Owensboro post, we share some fun facts about dentistry. Enjoy! Many dental patients are aware that before there was formal dental training and licensing, barbers often performed dental procedures. But did you know that blacksmiths also moonlighted as dentists?1 How would you like your dental visit to involve tools used

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Is Grandpa Smiling in Owensboro?

At Dental Designs of Owensboro, we provide a wide array of dentistry to patients of all ages. How are Americans doing when it comes to the dental health of the 65+ population? The Good News: The rate of cavities in the elderly has decreased in the past thirty years.1 The Bad News: 25% of persons

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CEREC and E4D One Visit Dental Crowns in Owensboro

If you’re like most men and women in Owensboro, you appreciate convenience in every aspect of life. In other words, straightforward processes with minimal disruption to your schedule. For this reason, Dental Designs of Owensboro offers one-visit crowns. Multiple Appointments Can Be a Hassle When it comes to medical or dental services, convenience means the

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Implants Can Prevent Denture-Related Health Problems in Owensboro

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of adults over 65 have no natural teeth. Many people with missing teeth or no teeth at all choose dentures. This is understandable. It’s problematic to eat and speak with no teeth in the mouth. And a toothless mouth is not an attractive look for

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What is Patient-Centered Dental Care?

What is your perception of the patient-dentist relationship? Would you describe it as one-sided? In other words, the dentist examines the patient’s teeth, decides on the course of treatment, and performs the procedure while the patient is an insignificant participant. At Dental Designs of Owensboro, we aim to change that. It Starts With The Atmosphere

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5 Reasons To See Dental Designs of Owensboro

When we are young, we feel powerful. We think we will live forever, and we know more than our parents. As we age, we soon conclude that invincibility fades, forever isn’t as long as we thought, and we begin to appreciate the collective wisdom of those who have gone before us. Since you have probably

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Dental Designs of Owensboro Provides Quality, Compassionate Dental Care

Hello, and welcome to our dental blog. Drs. David Thompson and Vicki Frey want to tell you about Dental Designs of Owensboro. Meet Our Compassionate Team of Dental Professionals The first thing to know is that we work hard to keep our patients comfortable. Our team is compassionate and empathetic. For some men and women,

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Patient Education Is A Priority At Dental Designs of Owensboro

At Dental Designs of Owensboro, we enjoy guiding oral health. We know that optimal dental health depends on good habits, so we want you to have all the information you need to practice those habits. When patients need a dental procedure such as a filling or a crown, we take the time to explain the

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The Unsung Heroes Of Dentistry

In today’s post, we will veer a bit off the beaten path, so to speak, and examine an intriguing dental specialty; forensic dentistry. The official term for the use of dentistry in criminal cases and post mortem identification is forensic odontology. These experts are rarely recognized but play a crucial role in crime and disaster

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5 Ways To Prevent A Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth can be painful, unattractive, and expensive to repair. Today’s post in the Dental Designs of Owensboro dental blog contains an easy-to-follow list of tips to keep your teeth whole and strong. 1. Don’t chew on hard substances. Mind-blowing, right? People should steer clear of ice, hard candies, hard nuts, popcorn, and beef jerky.

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