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Considering the life-changing benefits of beautiful dentistry but want to see what it can actually do for you? Take a look at these actual pictures of our beaming patients. Their before and after photos say more than we ever could!


  Before  After

Elaine's teeth were worn and her old porcelain fused to metal bridge and crowns just didn't look attractive. She told me that she had always wanted beautiful teeth and a white smile so I suggested that we replace all her old restorations with porcelain. Once treatment was complete, Elaine was glowing with pleasure at her new smile!

"I met Dr. Booker while he was working for Dr. Guynn in Sacramento, KY. I liked him from the first time I met him because he was so friendly and always smiling. After Dr. Guynn passed away, Dr. Booker started his practice in Owensboro, so I came with him as a patient. To visit his office is a pleasure. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. While on a routine visit to Dr. Booker's office, I mentioned that I was unhappy with the dullness of my teeth. We discussed several options and determined that crowns would be the best option. What a transformation! I find myself smiling more - and people smile back. Some have even asked, "Have you done something different?" They are not sure what it is that is so different about me, my teeth, my smile, or something else. I am so happy with the work Dr. Booker has done and he is such a joy to be around. He even sings to me while I am in the dental chair!"


Before       After

Jim came to me with huge spaces between his teeth and large composite restorations, even on visible front teeth! He wanted the spaces closed and wished for a more consistent smile color. One of his teeth could not be saved and had to be extracted. Because of the large restorations and the size of the spaces, we agreed on beautiful EMax crowns on his remaining teeth and an implant to replace the tooth he had lost. Jim was extremely happy with the final results!


Before      After

When we first conducted our comprehensive exam on Donna, her chief complaints included the appearance of the dark metal edge on her porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, the band of Tetracycline discoloration on all of her teeth and the deterioration of her incisors. After we completed her diagnostic records, we created a wax up to show her exactly how we could restore the shape and function of her smile. Because of the failure of many previous composite restorations, we chose to restore her teeth with strong and durable Empress Esthetic crowns. The ability to mimic natural tooth structure with porcelain shows beautifully throughout Donna's case.

"I am no longer self conscious about the color of my teeth, but the change is more than in my smile. I'm more confident and motivated in many aspects of my life!"

Before      After

Valerie came to see me with an old cantilever bridge. She was unhappy with the dark lines around her gum tissue. She also had recurrent decay under the bridge. We replaced the bridge with an all porcelain bridge (EMax) and placed a porcelain crown to complete her smile. Once her treatment was complete, Valerie was extremely happy with her new smile!


Before      After

Kyle had two old veneers that were placed when he was younger because of a traumatic incident. While we discussed how to improve the veneers, we also discussed fixing some misalignment and improving some color issues. The treatment consisted of four new veneers that blended wonderfully and gave Kyle the ability to smile and feel confident in a professional setting.

"My experiences with Dr. Wes Booker and his staff are and have been fantastic and I fully expect that to continue! From major dental work to routine cleanings, every treatment is a worthwhile experience and the staff, from top-down, has been exceptional. I would recommend the office of Dr. Wes Booker to anyone, and I have done so on many occasions."


Before     After

Chris presented with several failing restorations and a shortened smile line. We restored her smile with ten all-porcelain crowns, a porcelain bridge and six porcelain veneers. Now her smile looks so great, she can't stop smiling!


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