Comprehensive Exams

Want to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy?

We’re Owensboro’s Choice for Early Detection

Some dentists treat your symptoms. They may do an excellent job, but if your symptoms keep reoccurring your trouble could be much more complex than what is showing up on the surface. Dr. Booker is especially trained to offer comprehensive dental exams that look further than surface symptoms and get to the cause of even the most puzzling oral health problem.

We use the latest technology for every dental exam, such as intra-oral cameras and digital x-rays. Both of these tools let both you and the doctor see what is happening in your mouth with much more detail and accuracy than x-rays alone.

The frequency of your dental checkups combined with our advanced diagnostic technologies, allow us to detect problems while they're small. Smaller problems are not only easier to fix, the process of restoration is also more comfortable and affordable.


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