In the News

It's Alive!

Our new website that is.

For the first time in our history we have created a website to stay in touch, educate and increase patient convenience. We have added our patient information to make it easy and quick to fill out your forms and find out all you need to know before your visits. We have also listed all of the services that Dr. Booker offers. You'll be surprised at all the information you can find. 


A Brand New Office in a Wonderful New Location

Because we care so much about you and your comfort, we have chosen, designed and built a great new office. It is not only convenient and easy to get to, but it is beautiful too. Even better, we have added plenty of new upgrades and comfort improvements.

We think it is tremendously exciting and we'd love you to enjoy the excitement too! Join us for more excellent dentistry at our new location in the Woodlands Professional Park, just off of Fairview Drive and Highway 54.

Call us and schedule a tour of the office. We'd love to show you around!